Welcome to the KOOTENAY FOOD website

We are committed to initiating and supporting activities that foster an abundant, equitable and sustainable food system for the Kootenay Region.

We hope that this web site will connect you to some like minded folks in the Kootenays and will serve as a jumping off point for getting involved in some food action in your community.

Projects and Initiatives

Community Projects

Check out food-related Community Projects that are happening in your town or city.

If you are interested in starting a food security project in your community, check out what's already being done by your neighbors. There are lots of working models that neighboring communities would be happy to share.

Regional Initiatives

Check out the Regional Initiatives that KFSS is working on.

Get involved in bringing our neighboring communities together for a stronger local food system.

Food Security

We have adopted the definition of food security from the BC Food Network. We see a food secure community as a community in which:

  • everyone has assured access to adequate, appropriate and personally acceptable food in a way that does not damage self respect;
  • people are able to earn a living wage by growing, producing, processing, handling, retailing and serving food;
  • the quality of land, air and water are maintained and enhanced for future generations; and
  • food is celebrated as central to community and cultural integrity.

KFSS Minutes, March 3, 2015

KFSS MeetingĀ  March
3, 2015